5 Small Gifts that Pack a Punch for $5 or Less

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5 Small Gifts that Pack a Punch for $5 or Less

With so many festive occasions on the calendar this month, little presents that pack a large punch are always in demand. Whether you are looking for stocking stuffers, Hanukkah gifts to stretch for 8 days, secret gift exchange or a small token of appreciation for your child’s teacher or school crossing guard, we can help! Teachers on Call has five useful and affordable ideas that won’t break the bank at $5 or less per item. Fun fact, these ideas also double as great loot bag fillers for birthday parties too!

    Check out these mini but meaningful gift ideas:

    Mabel’s Labels – Personalized Stocking Stuffers

    Parents love this one (and kids do too)! Labels help keep kids organized, reinforces good habits, and keeps stuff from getting impossibly lost. Kids love seeing their name on stuff. It’s a win-win. The tags are great for school supplies like backpacks or lunch bags.

    The Stocking Stuffer package comes with six sets that work out to $5 per gift. Pick out all your gifts in one shot, as each set can be individually customized. There is no extra charge to do this, and many cute holiday themed designs (we love the gingerbread cookie)!

    If you love this idea, keep it in your back pocket for loot bags with The Birthday Party Label Pack.

    Fidget spinners, puzzles & other sensory toys

    You can buy fidget spinners in sets of four or more, and many places sell sensory toys and puzzles in large sets, including on Amazon. They are great little play toys for reducing stress or anxiety, and they’re good for bus and car trips, too. And the puzzles are great for logic-building. As an added bonus, fidget toys are a great tool for interviews to keep busy hands in check (discreetly)!

    If you have extras left over after the party, they also make great loot bag fillers.

    Crayons & Markers – Check out these feel-good Crayola Colours of Kindness Crayons

    Do you remember loving getting a new box of crayons? It’s a great feeling to pass along to another kid, and it just happens to be reasonably priced.

    For something special and unique, check out the Crayola Colours of Kindness Crayons. This collection features 4 new colours and is specially named with words of positivity to warm your heart and brighten your art. We first discovered them during back-to-school season during a live demo at Staples, but knew this would also make a great mini gift for holidays and loot bags!

    Personalized Items

    Do you have a Cricut machine (or a friend with one)? If not, check out if you could get access through your library makerspace. Cricut machines are smart cutting machines used by DIY crafting diehards, and you can do some truly fun stuff with them!

    Print out the name of your giftee or a fun theme, and place on an item like a notebook for a personalized gift. You can also make a custom card which is a perfect way to show your appreciation over the holiday season.

    Special Treat or Homemade Gift

    You can’t ever go wrong with a homemade party favor or hand-made treat! Small cellophane gift bags of candy and toys, or baked goodies to take home are all extremely affordable (and delicious). And there are countless more suggestions along these lines that you can find on DIY sites and Pinterest. Feel free to personalize with a custom tag from your Mabel's Labels stocking stuffer package, or created with your new crayon set or Cricut machine!

    Most important of all, be sure you have fun choosing!

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