Teach your Kids about Art Appreciation at the Artist Project

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Teach your Kids about Art Appreciation at the Artist Project

If there is a creative soul in your child, or you wish to instill an appreciation for the arts, the Artist Project might be the perfect place to visit this weekend. Whether your son or daughter attends a school for the arts, thrives in art class, or simply loves to colour and paint, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Take it from us, we took a field trip on opening day, as the Teachers on Call community has a deep appreciation for both the performing and visual arts. 

What is the Artist Project?

Through Sunday, the Artist Project is bringing together more than 200 Canadian independent artists at the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place, in Toronto. It’s a giant art fair! And you and your children are invited to view the artwork, meet the artists who created it, and learn the stories behind it.

The Artist Project is also a fantastic place to pick up a piece or two to decorate your home – people are welcome to buy pieces directly from the artists at the show, even if you’re a first-time art buyer. Curators, gallerists, designers, and seasoned collectors will also be there, and you can help introduce your child to the business end of professional art, if they’ve expressed interest in becoming an artist!

Where in Canada are the artists from?

Visiting the Artist Project presents an opportunity to learn about Canadian artists, mainly across Ontario, sprinkled with a few from other provinces. While most artists we met are based in Toronto, you will meet exhibitors from Ajax, Oshawa, King, Meaford, Maple and more.

Who are the artists?

While we would love to list them all, we will give you a snapshot of some of the art creators we had the pleasure to meet at the Artist Project.

Fiona Debell (Toronto, Ontario)

We loved meeting Fiona Debell, who has been painting for over 20 years. Her vibrant and colourful abstract art can’t be missed. Fun fact, her work is created with the use of ink.

David Akio Grant (Toronto, Ontario)

If you love photography, you won’t want to miss David Akio Grant’s work. We especially love his piece, “Streaks of Toronto”, which was taken from a rooftop and captures the energy of the CN Tower and city at night.

Lindsi Beth Perspectives (Toronto, Ontario)

Have you ever heard about art with intention? If you are as intrigued as us, you will want to check out the fine art photography from Lindsi Hollend, where mindset and art meet. You can shop by image or by intention!

Angela Lane (Thornhill, Ontario)

If you are a fan of nature, check out Angela Lane’s impressionistic paintings capturing her trips across the lakes of Northern Ontario. Fascinating fact, she works in encaustics, using natural beeswax and damar resin to create her art.

Eleanor Lowden (Toronto, Ontario)

We are fans of Eleanor Lowden’s umbrella motifs, but she is also known for her florals and landscape work. In fact, there is a fun piece called “Beach Traffic” with beach umbrellas that caught our attention.

Mary McLorn Valle (Toronto, Ontario)

The booth of Mary McLorn Valle is hard to miss with her bright and colourful oil paintings. It certainly was a crowd favourite during our visit. Students will love that two of her paintings are named “Cream Soda” and “Mountain Dew”.

Man-Wai Wu (Sutton West, Ontario)

You will want to visit the booth of award-winning Man-Wai Wu if you are fascinated by landscape paintings. We were particularly intrigued by his city landscapes.

Vote in the Untapped Emerging Artist Competition

The Artist Project has set up a shoppable, gallery-style experience made to be friendly to everyone. And visitors are allowed to vote for their favourite works for the People’s Choice Award and the Untapped Emerging Artist Competition, focused on supporting the development of students, new graduates, and self-taught artists. 

Regardless of your motive, it’s a lovely way to get out for a gentle walk and fire your imagination along the way. Feel free to ask questions of the artists! And on your way home, maybe stop at your local art supply store to stock up. Have your child identify their favourite art styles and see if they can imitate them!

Have a lovely weekend! Will we see you there?

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