5 “Cool” Winter Math Facts for the Season!

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5 “Cool” Winter Math Facts for the Season!

To make math fun our team shares 5 cool winter math facts to get students excited about learning. It’s a fact that math is all around us, so it makes sense to practice this important life skill. Here are some resources to help your family get a little more daily math practice in this winter, with math facts sheets, games and trivia!

Math is used in the Olympics.

The 2022 Winter Olympic games are on right now, and many games have different systems of scoring… and they all use math! From hockey’s simple number of goals scored, to the intricate combined scoring systems of jumps and figure skating, you’ll find addition, subtraction, mean averages, and more.

Have a look at the full Olympic Schedule & Results, then be sure to learn about how to score your favourite sports and participate!

Winter math facts worksheets are great practice.

Fun fact: did you know that a ‘math fact’ is a simple calculation memorized to help make doing arithmetic more quickly? Parents, you may best relate to hours spent at times tables practice, but there are math facts in addition, subtraction, and division too!

There are tons of free printables online on sites like IXL and Khan Academy for getting a little extra practice. Those are especially great if you are searching by grade level or subject. Here’s some fun winter-themed math facts worksheets you may want to enjoy, though!

Winter Addition

10 Winter Math Worksheets

Snowman Multiplication Color by Number Worksheet 12’s

Nature is full of math, take a winter math walk and see why.

While going on that nature walk, did you ever consider that nature if full of math. Snowflakes are a great example, if you consider that they have six points and are hexagonal in shape. We originally were introduced to this concept from Ron Lancaster, Associate Professor Teaching Stream Emeritus at OISE University of Toronto, and a math trial expert. He is a firm believer in taking nature walks in every season, read Help kids use Toronto nature as their classroom to learn more.

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14

It’s no secret that we think baking in all its forms is GREAT math practice, because it is practical use of fractions (and the adding and subtracting of). Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. The reason the date is March 14 is that 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π.

Pi Day is also a great time where we can celebrate everything irrationally delicious. Yes, we think pizza pies count too. Be sure to check the diameter, the radius, and then have fun with the fractions, dividing up the results! These recipes will get you started. If you’re making pizza, add more math practice by putting different toppings on halves and quarters of the pie.

Quick and Easy Pizza Crust Recipe | Allrecipes

Easy Pie Crust Recipe | Allrecipes (Great for more savoury pies like quiche and chicken pot pie)

Find the idea of working with dough a little too daunting with a small child, or want to get in some extra practice exploring favourite fillings? That’s OK! You can buy ready-to-use pizza dough in your grocers’ bakery section, or pie crust shells in the freezer aisle.

Card Games are a great winter math activity.

Most students might not realize this but playing card games is a great way to build math skills, and that’s a fact. If everyone has the winter doldrums, piquing competition with a card game might just liven up the atmosphere at home. Nobody has to know they’re doing math unless you tell them. Here’s some easy card games for kids to learn that use arithmetic and math logic.

War: Most easily done with two players, but you there are rules for playing quadruple war. Slapjack is also a close relative of War and may provide a new twist on the game.

Gin Rummy: Great for tweens and older children, and a surefire grandparent pleaser.

Betting games like Blackjack or Play or Pay: Both Blackjack and Play or Pay are light betting games with fairly easy rules but tremendous strategy and low stakes to keep things interesting. Betting can be done with poker chips, snacky food like pretzels, or small candies.

We hope your family gets extra practice with these winter math facts, games, and trivia. Whatever activity you end up doing, we hope you have a great time!

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