Must-Have School Supplies for the BTS Season

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Must-Have School Supplies for the BTS Season

It’s BTS Season in the pandemic again, and if you’re wondering what you need for school supplies, you’re not alone. Here’s a great list to get you started.

With the pandemic still on, communications on what school supplies your child might require for BTS Season may be lagging behind for advance preparation. Still, there are many items which are always required year-over-year, and between these and knowing what your child is likely to require for attending school in-person, be sure to get a jump on your shopping with these items!

The Basics:

  • Backpack, lunch bag & accessories (snack containers, placemat, thermos, reusable water bottle)
  • Change of clothes
  • 2 pairs of shoes (indoor/outdoor)
  • Rain gear and boots

Organizational Items

Your child being responsible for keeping track of their items, and keeping organized, is probably a bigger requirement in the pandemic than ever before. Here’s some great stuff to keep organized: 

Personalized labels & clothing stamps – Mabel’s Labels

Mabel’s Labels has always been great for ensure items return home safely. There are so many things to label now, including masks and water bottles. Combo label packs are a great start for physical objects like bags, lunchboxes and bottles, but we love the new mini-clothing stamp!

We have a discount code - TEACHERSONCALL - for 15% off at Mabel's Labels. (Mabel’s Label’s stamps, masks, reflective labels and items already on sale are an exception from the discount). 

Big Grid Family Organizer Wall Calendar 

It can be a chore to keep everyone organized! That’s why we love this Big Grid Family Organizer. It comes with monthly inspiration, helpful colour-coded stickers, and a big grid – like, B I G – so you can keep track of everything from homework assignments to extracurricular activities. 

Fanny Packs

It’s high time that this super-handy hands-free satchel made a comeback. With how much they could carry, and how convenient they were, it was bound to happen. There’s a ‘Fanny Pack’ for everyone.

Art and Paper Supplies

Be sure to add paper/notepads, pens/pencils, and duo-tang folders to your shopping list. Required or not, be sure to add some crayons and colored to your list to bring out creativity and promote artistic expression... and relaxation and fine motor control. It doesn’t really feel like BTS shopping without buying new crayons or coloured pencils, does it?

Here’s a couple colouring products from Crayola that we love for obvious reasons:

Crayola Colors of the World Skin Tone Coloured Pencils –

Crayola Washable Super Tips Markers, 24 Pack –

Pandemic-related Items

If you’re child is going back to school in-person, some of these items are guaranteed.

Masks – Indigo

We love how fun some of these masks are getting, and how highly individual they can be! For little ones, check out these space masks, shark masks, and days of the week masks! These are just a few of the great options that will make masking more fun and easier.

UV-C Sterilizer Box - Staples

Big enough for a phone, keys, glasses, and masks, small enough to be easy to tote. Kills 99.99% of germs using ultraviolet light, making it safe and easy.

Tissues and sanitizer - Staples

Tissues and school are hand in hand. Be sure to add wipes and tissues to your list!

Parent Survival Cookbooks

Sure, you have lots of ideas NOW… but a month in, you’ll be looking for new dinner ideas that promote healthy and adventurous eating for children. Maybe you just want some food allergy help, or bagged lunch ideas. Check these out.

  • The No-Fuss Family Cookbook These recipes are kid-friendly and packed with clever hacks and pro tips for getting meals on the table (and cleaning up) quickly. (
  • We Can All Eat That! Combining education, guidance, and exciting, fresh recipes the whole family will love, We Can All Eat That! simplifies raising healthy, adventurous eaters free from food allergies. (

Books to read for new students

For brand new Kindergarteners who might be worried about going to school, check out these school-themed picture books from Kirkus Reviews!

We hope everyone has an exciting time getting their supplies ready for the new school year!

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