Old-Fashioned Screen-Free Park Activities and Games for Great Outdoors Month

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Old-Fashioned Screen-Free Park Activities and Games for Great Outdoors Month

Spending too much time online? Why not take a trip down pre-internet memory lane? Bookmark this list of screen-free activities and games for responsible social gathering this summer!

    With summer nearly here and vaccination becoming more widespread, people are beginning to look forward to gathering responsibly, in small groups and in outdoor spaces. As we reintroduce ourselves to the outside and our local park space, here are some old-fashioned screen-free activities and games that are sure-fire kid pleasers, just in time for Great Outdoors Month.


    Remember when Frisbees were cool? This is the ultimate in social-distancing group activities, and it’s well past time for a revival! If you have a family dog, Fido can get in on the fun, too!

    No special equipment required, except for a $2 disc of plastic and an open space.

    Water balloon volleyball

    On hot days, everyone playing games with water balloons will be a winner. All you need to do is load up a basket of water balloons before you head to the park or your backyard. Oh – and don’t forget some towels.

    So, how do you play water balloon volleyball, you might ask? Simple! You’ll need at least two pairs of kids (and/or parents) each holding a corner of a towel. Stretch the towel between you and your partner and use it as a net to launch – and catch – the water balloons. Don’t keep the towel too taut when you’re catching!

    Jump rope

    Kids these days; may have never learned the joy of playing jump rope games with their friends. Time to rectify that one! Stock up on not one but TWO 16-foot jump ropes and head to the park. It’s time to take these kids back to school with some old-timey fun. Not only is this perfect for social distancing, it’s GREAT exercise too.

    Oh and in case you’ve forgotten all the rhymes, make sure you freshen up on Ms. Lucy.

    Ball games

    It’s amazing how many naturally distanced games can be played with simple balls: soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and even golf putting. Throw some soft rubber balls into your next online order and add dodgeball and kickball to the list, too! They’re a great way to get lots of kids involved at the park.


    If your local park is more of a concrete jungle than a grassy one, chalk is a great way to keep things interesting. Not only is it wonderful for drawing with, it’s great for making hopscotch games and what we like to call chalk “obstacle courses.”

    What does a chalk obstacle course look like? It’s similar to a hopscotch sequence, but add exercises like “jumping jacks” and “balance on one foot.”

    Cloud watching

    Worn yourself out? Kick back in the grass, under a tree, and spend some time looking at the sky. When’s the last time you looked for shapes in the clouds? It’s time to introduce your kids to the same pleasure! 

    For other ways to get moving as a family, check out 4 Full-Body Physical Activities Kids and Parents Can Do Together at Home (Without Equipment).

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