8 Kinds of Creative Gifts for Kids & A Chance to Win a $200 Staples Gift Card!

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8 Kinds of Creative Gifts for Kids & A Chance to Win a $200 Staples Gift Card!

It can be tough to shop for the kid that has “everything.” The truth is, however, kids do love a great (educational!) gift if it appeals to a creative outlet they enjoy. What sort of “creative-type” is your child?

We’ve got some gift suggestions for each. Read on for some great ideas, and then visit our Facebook Page for your chance to win!

The “Hands-On” Artist:

Being hands-deep in building something has a satisfaction that can’t be beat. That’s why gifts like Kinetic Sand and Play-Doh will never go out of style.

The “Mad Scientist”:

For the budding mad-scientist type who loves the idea of playing chemistry, there’s plenty of fun experiment kits! Explosive Foams and the Tree of Knowledge Chemistry Fun Activities Set are great places to start.

The “Performance Artist”:

If you have a child who loves performing for an audience, why not try a magic kit to help them learn? Great magic tricks aren’t just about slight of hand – although that IS a great way to improve dexterity – using the props helps kids use logic, spatial awareness, and creativity to understand how such illusions are performed. There are great kits to get even young children started, like the Thames & Kosmos Magic Hat STEM Experiment Kit and Thames & Kosmos Magic: Silver Edition STEM Experiment Kit.

The “Animator”:

Kids who love to draw and have some animation inspirations may love the Osmo Creative Starter Kit and Super Studio kits like Disney Princess, or The Incredibles. It’s a great way to see drawings brought to life!

The “Astronomer”:

Its not unusual in the least to have a child who’d rather be an astronaut! Give them a tour with a gift like Professor Maxwell's VR Universe or a Geosafari Vega 360 Telescope and get them exploring the world outside of this one!

The “Craftician”:

If your little one loves working in pipe cleaners, pom poms, and googly eyes, a fresh Craft Kit loaded with everything they need is sure to please!

The “Computer Expert”:

Do you have a child who loves video games and maybe wants to learn how to make them too? Check out one of the many coding kit options, like Star Wars The Force Coding Kit, or the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit. The coding kits come with challenges and games that make learning how to program fun!

The “Traditionalist”:

Parents, do you fondly remember the pleasure of the days when you got new boxes of crayons? We do, too. And for kids with no specific creative bents but who love to doodle and color with their spare time, a gift like a Crayola Inspiration Art Case is sure to bring back some of those same feelings. Be sure to supplement with a fresh art pad or a stack of coloring books!

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