Questions to Ask in Elementary Parent-Teacher Interviews During COVID

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Questions to Ask in Elementary Parent-Teacher Interviews During COVID

Teachers on Call shares a list of questions for elementary school parents to ask during parent-teacher interviews or conferences.

Truly this school year will present new challenges to parents, students, and teachers alike, whether your child is attending school in-person or virtually.

We reached out to our team of tutors at Teachers on Call to share suggestions for parents as progress report cards arrive home and virtual meetings are scheduled.

While many parents will proactively schedule an interview with the classroom teacher, you may also want to consider booking a slot with some of your child’s other teachers including French, Music, Physical Education, ESL & Special Education Resource educators. There is something to learn from everyone who supports your child. Just remember to leave some buffer room to space out appointments.

You only have a set amount of time, so it is best to be prepared. If you have an upcoming parent-teacher conference, here are some questions to consider asking:

1) Is my child understanding the curriculum?

It is important to understand if your child is experiencing any challenges with technology that may impact student learning this school year. Ensure your child is understanding the content and core concepts in the provincial curriculum.

2) How are my child’s study habits and learning skills?

Time management and organization are vital skills that help students be successful year over year and beyond their time in school. Strategies to support these areas can be worked on at home with family members or academic coaching with your child’s tutor.

3) How can students work in groups with social distancing?

Whether in-person or in a remote-learning environment, collaboration with other students is still a priority.

4) Will there be field trips this year?

Many teachers and schools are opting for virtual field trips to expose students to cultural and historical learning opportunities.

5) If your child’s class is following an online learning platform, is there a possibility of being added as a parent/guardian?

With so much work being done directly in the digital space, it can help parents immensely to see what your son or daughter is doing and help them meet deadlines and expectations.

6) How can I help my child more at home?

Whether your child is attending school in-person or remotely, additional support outside of school hours may be recommended. Your child’s teacher will have ideas and suggestions on key areas to concentrate on.

7) What is the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher if I have more questions?

Remember a parent-teacher interview is not so much an opportunity for personal conversations about your child as it is to review key areas and questions. Although you and your child's teacher may have a lot to say, there may not be enough time to cover everything.  It’s helpful to inquire the best way to communicate any follow-up items.


Additionally, if you have specific concerns bring any assessments your child may have brought home on that topic, highlight any key comments on the progress report card, and write down your inquiries so you do not forget them during the meeting.

Remember, we are here to help

As always, our tutoring team is here to support your family. Progress report time is a great opportunity to share feedback with your son or daughter's tutor.   This additional information will be helpful in understanding identified areas where extra support or enrichment will be beneficial.

A little extra support may be all your child needs to succeed and thrive in these challenging times!

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