Learning to Go: Get a Little Extra Learning in While Camping!

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Learning to Go: Get a Little Extra Learning in While Camping!

With the pandemic going on, many Canadians are taking their vacations near home this year, getting away from it all by literally getting away from it all. Camping is a wonderful way to get out and enjoy the outdoors, and there’s some great ways to get a little extra learning in along the way in fun ways!

PS: Be sure to take our list on 5 Ways to Bring a Little Extra Learning Into Your Backyard with you too… all of these ideas can hit the road!

Load up the tablet with documentaries: If you’re getting away from it all (but taking a few pieces of tech with you to occupy children on a long car ride), downloading a handful of nature documentaries may be the perfect way to get everyone in the mood. For kids who are in French Immersion schools or French learning programs, downloading titles en Français is also one of our favourite ways to keep French listening skills sharp.

Consider other apps too: If you’ve never tried geocaching, now might be a fun time to start. Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunting game played using GPS-enabled devices. There are dozens of geocaching apps. Be sure to look up one that’s meant for beginners if you’re new to it. Also, be sure to grab Plantsnap or one of the other botanical apps that can help you identify plants.

Plan to get your read in: On lazy evenings after busy days, we think that the perfect way to wind down while waiting for a nighttime fire and s’mores is with a great book. Have everyone pack a book or two for the trip and be sure to make a healthy routine of sitting around together reading as a family. This is a habit that adapts to home life as well, and you might be thrilled to find out that family reading time remains a great time even after the vacation’s done.

If you’re going camping this summer, we hope that you have a wonderful trip!

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