Special Education Success: Grade 4 Student Gains Confidence in Math & Language

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With the help of his Teachers on Call tutor, a hard-working but struggling grade four student improves by two grade levels in one school year, and builds the confidence he needs to succeed in his math and language studies.

Student Challenge & Goals

The parents contacted us about their grade 4 child who was on an independent education plan (IEP) that recognized his reading and mathematics abilities to be much lower than other students in the same age group.

Prior to working with a tutor from Teachers On Call, he had trouble reading and writing basic sentences that were more than a few words long. He was also at a level where basic addition and subtraction were a difficult task. These challenges were affecting his confidence and his ability to enjoy his time at school. Learning was a cause of much anxiety for the student and his family.

How We Helped

Teachers on Call provided him with a tutor experienced in the field of Special Education. By using play-based teaching techniques, technology, and research proven pedagogy, the student's reading level improved two grade levels within one academic year. His mathematics and number sense also progressed to a level where he is now able to complete complex addition and subtraction questions.

Student Results

The student thoroughly enjoys his time with his tutor and the increase in confidence in his own math and language abilities allows him to now enjoy the learning process.

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