Easy Ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

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Easy Ideas for DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, parents and children alike are starting to think about what they will take to school to hand out to their friends. Homemade DIY Valentine’s Day cards are a personal and thoughtful way of showing someone how much you appreciate their friendship. Making Valentine cards is also a great way for young kids to practice handwriting while exercising their creative skills.


Creating Valentine’s Day themed bookmarks is a fun way to show someone how much you care. The best part of making bookmarks is that you are not limited to one shape or saying. Choose different shapes and designs to make your bookmarks really stand out. Use a saying such as: “In my book you’re tops,” or just decorate them with hearts. The possibilities are limitless when creating Valentine’s Day bookmarks as you can even create different shapes and designs.

Pencil Valentines

Handing out Valentine’s that are attached to a pencil is a neat idea because it provides the recipient with an educational tool they can actually use. The good news is that there are many different formats you can choose to make these Pencil Valentine’s. You could make cute little butterflies by cutting out heart shapes and placing the pencil in the middle, or even a little inchworm that says: “Inching along to wish you a happy Valentine’s Day.”

Ruler Valentines

Much like the Pencil Valentine’s above, these Ruler Valentine’s provide the recipient with a useful educational tool. Just create a cute little pouch that the ruler can go through and caption it with something adorable like: “You rule!”

Valentines to Colour

With this neat Valentine’s Day idea, it’s just as easy as designing something the recipient can colour in such as a heart or butterfly. You can even take this idea one step further and tie a little crayon onto the card. If designing something for every card feels too overwhelming, try making one design to colour and then photocopying it for multiple cards.

Playdough Valentines

Homemade playdough and cookie cutters can speak volumes this Valentine’s Day. Spend the day creating your favourite homemade playdough and cutting it into little heart shapes, finish the Valentine off by wrapping the playdough and the cookie cutter in cellophane and attaching the playdough recipe to it.

There are many fantastic ways to create DIY Valentine’s this year; each one will be a creative and unique gift for your child to give to their classmates and teachers.

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