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Teachers on Call is dedicated to providing a personalized online tutoring approach to accommodate your needs. 

What is Online Tutoring?

Online support allows students the convenience to access tutoring support from their computer or electronic device with a relationship based approach.

Teachers on Call does the same comprehensive intake to assess each student’s academic needs for online tutoring as our conventional in-home lessons. Students also have the option to supplement face-to-face tutoring with online sessions as needed, or engage in the online platform entirely.

Benefits of Online Tutoring

We understand that student schedules are busier than ever. Online tutoring provides a convenient solution when traditional home tutoring is not possible.

A blended tutoring option is preferred by some students who want to continue with their consistent tutor online during specific situations when sessions would normally be re-scheduled, ie. vacations, weekend trips to the cottage or winter home, illness, or poor weather. Online support provides a convenient and flexible option to continue supporting students.

Online Tutoring | Teachers On Call | GTA Tutors

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