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Report Cards – Strategies for Your Child

With the school year in full swing, the first report card is a time to reflect on the successes, progress and areas to improve on for the remainder of the school year.

The best place to start your reflection is your daughter or son’s report card.   To help support you with your review, we have put together some helpful tips below:


Initial Review:

  • Read the full report card, especially the comments and identify successes and opportunities to improve on
  • Stay big picture – remember every year is different and some will be more challenging than others


Review With Your Child:

  • Your child will have a lot of insight on their record card.  Ask them what they think about it.  If you are able to make discussions about school part of your regular family routine during the year, it will help avoid any surprises during report card time
  • Celebrate their accomplishments and stay positive.   If your child’s report card had lower marks, find areas of success and ensure they are recognized
  • For areas to improve on, work with your child to make a plan and consider any additional strategies or support they may require
  • Avoid comparisons with any friends or family – it is important to stay focused on what is realistic for your child


Plan for the Future:

  • After reviewing the report card,  prepare a follow-up plan with your daughter or son
  • Think about what activities and goals you can set for the remainder of the school year
  • For areas to improve on – make realistic goals (even if small) and think about strategies to help them improve any organizational skills (ie. calendar, agenda, etc.)
  • Consider the appropriate balance of extracurricular activities for the school year, as their schedule may have had an impact on school performance

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