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6 Board Games To Get Kids Excited About Math

Family Playing Board Game

While the back-to-school commercials are starting, the summer is not over yet!  They are a good reminder that while students will soon be sharpening their pencils, we can still sharpen their minds this August.  The key for summer learning is to make it fun.  Can math be fun? It sure can.

On the topic of educational fun, we decided to consult our friends at Toytown. Nestled in the heart of Toronto’s midtown Avenue and Lawrence area, this fun haven is Toronto’s oldest family-run, independent toy store. On this very topic, we reached out to the toy maven, Shari Bricks Zeiler to get her take on fun resources to get students enthusiastic about math.

Here are 6 recommendations from Shari on educational games your little learners will love in the month leading up to school.  These classic games can be enjoyed all year round and will help students develop math skills for life.  We guarantee your kids will want to do this homework!

Puzzle Pies from Learning Resources (For ages 2+)

A great introduction to fractions for preschoolers.  Excellent for counting, number recognition, imaginative play, the concept of more/less. It is part of the Smart Snacks line from Learning Resources, the makers of Counting Cookies, a big hit with all kids.

Puzzle Pies


Canadian Currency Xchange from Learning Resources (For ages 3+)

This great set of play money comes with enough coins and bills to create lots of opportunities to hone all basic math skills.


Zingo Time Telling (For ages 5+)

Zingo concentrates on learning to read the hour and minute hands on an analog clock, and make the translation to digital time.  Kids begin to see the connection between the numbers on a digital clock, and the hands on an analog clock. Played on Bingo style cards, players slide the Zingo machine back and forth to reveal tiles that they then must match to their cards.

zingo time


Super Genius Multiplication (For ages 7+)

By the makers of the best-selling game Spot It, this multiplication matching card game focuses on single-unit multiplication equations and prepares your child for more complex equations.  The object is to find the pair between an equation and its product, or two equations, or two products. Excellent for visual perception, processing speed, and problem solving.

super genius

Even Steven’s Odd (For ages 7+)

A fast paced dice game that reinforces math skills like even/odd numbers, addition, subtraction, improves hand-eye coordination and matching skills.

even steven

Pay Day (For ages 8+)

A classic board game to learn about financial literacy and decision making. The players learn to buy businesses, take out loans and pay bills every month.

pay day

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