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Integra Workshop Series – Spring 2015

The Child Development Institute’s Integra Program is proud to present the following spring workshops primarily designed for parents/ caregivers of children with LDs.

Walk a Mile in my Shoes: Language-Based LDs (Thurs. April 16)

This experiential workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of what it may feel like to have LDs through engaging in a series of activities. Participants will gain knowledge about current thinking in the field of language-based LDs and a practical understanding of how they may affect mental health and everyday life at home and at school.

Walk a Mile in my Shoes: Visual-Based LDs (Wed. April 29)
This workshop will use a similar format to the above session with a focus on visual-based LDs.

Introduction to Executive Functioning (Wed. May 6)
This presentation provides participants with an understanding of the nature of executive functioning (higher order thinking skills including organization and problem-solving) and difficulties children with LDs may have in regulating themselves. Suggestions on how to support kids with executive function difficulties will be introduced.

Understanding Anxiety and Learning Disabilities (Wed. May 27)
In this introductory workshop, participants will gain an understanding of anxiety, when to be concerned, approaches to treatment, and the relationship between anxiety and LDs.

Managing Change and Times of Transition with Children/Youth with LDs (Wed. June 3)
This workshop looks at possible stressors related to change and transitions for kids with LDs, including changes in classrooms, teachers or schools. We will explore strategies to help ease tensions and to prepare individuals and systems to respond and to accommodate to change.

To register or see more details on the Integra Workshop Series, click here: http://www.childdevelop.ca/programs/integra-program/about-workshops


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