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Integra Workshop Series – Fall 2015

The Child Development Institute’s Integra Program is proud to present the following spring workshops primarily designed for parents/ caregivers of children with LDs.

The Child Development Institute’s Integra Program is proud to present the following fall workshops primarily designed for parents/ caregivers of children with LDs.

Walk a Mile in my Shoes (Thursday September 17)
This experiential workshop is designed to give participants an understanding of the challenges of having LDs through engaging in a series of activities. Participants will gain knowledge about current thinking in the field of LDs and a practical understanding of how they may affect mental health and everyday life at home and at school.

Accessing School Supports (Thursday October 1)
This workshop will explore strategies for building a team of support within the school system. We will explore both formal and informal ways of communicating with the school and focus on understanding the process of getting help in the classroom or school system. Attention will also be paid to relationship development and team building.

All About Moods: Understanding Anxiety, Depression, and LDs (Thursday October 8)
In this introductory workshop, participants will gain an understanding of anxiety and depression, when to be concerned, approaches to treatment, and the connection between LDs and moods.

Bullying and LDs: Building Your Tool Box to Support Youth with LDs (Thursday November 5)
In partnership with COPA (Centre Ontarien de Prevention des Agressions), this workshop examines the specific factors that put children and youth with LDs at greater risk of being bullied and bullying others, and how adults can help support them. A large portion of the workshop will incorporate experiential exercises, role-plays, and practical tips from COPA’s “Tools Not Rules” workshop to support children and youth with challenges related to bullying.

Introduction to Executive Functioning (Thursday November 19)
This workshop provides participants with an understanding of the nature of executive functioning (higher order thinking skills including organization and problem-solving) and difficulties children with LDs/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have in regulating themselves. Suggestions on how to support children and youth with executive functioning challenges will be introduced.

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