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How to Teach Your Child to Love Reading

Reading is an important part of a child’s development, particularly in elementary school.

With every child developing their reading skills at a different pace with their own unique learning style, one of the most important keys to success is to engage your child with fun and memorable activities.

Here are 5 tips to help your child love reading and improve their skills:

1)      Read with your child frequently and if possible on a daily basis.  As you are reading, engage your child by asking them to explain different parts and read back to you.  As your child becomes more advanced, at the end of reading ask them questions about the story.

2)      Label different items around the house and practice reading them with your child.

3)      Use flash cards to review common words.  As your child develops stronger skills, try to combine the flash cards to start to create basic sentences.

4)      Mix it up with different types of stories from a variety of backgrounds.  Not only does it make it fun, it helps illustrate the impact reading has on all areas of life.

5)      Reading apps are a great way to make reading fun and leverage technology.   Here are some of our favourites:

Dr. Seuss’s ABC:  Interactive storybook app helps your child build reading skills while going along with the classic book.

Reading Raven: Leads children from early phonological awareness and phonics right up to reading full sentences while integrating printing skills and teaching through games.

Question Builder: Designed to help elementary aged children learn to answer abstract questions and create responses based on inference

Word Magic: Excellent application for kids to have fun with words and their spellings

Grace: Helps autistic and other special needs children to communicate effectively, by building semantic sequences from relevant images to form sentences

abc PocketPhonics: Designed by teachers, this app teaches all the letter sounds, plus over 30 letter blends such as “sh” and “ch.”

We hope these strategies are helpful to make your child a devoted and successful reader.

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