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Family Road Trips – Fun Educational Games

With summer in full swing, kids are enjoying the beautiful weather and all the amazing activities that Toronto has to offer.   Many families take advantage of this time to take a trip to a cottage or a vacation spot.   This is a wonderful opportunity to keep your children’s minds active during the break and avoid the ‘summer slide.’

As you are planning any car trip with your family, here is some helpful ideas for games or activities to make the ride fun and educational:


  • Teach counting by giving your child a colour car to watch on the road.  Every time they see that colour car it is a chance for them to practice counting.  So for example if two green cars pass by, your children would count to two
  • Next time you fill up for gas, learn about addition and financial literacy to guess how much it will cost to fill up the car
  • Learn about distance and time.  If you happen to be driving in the United States, this can be an opportunity to chat about the difference between miles and kilometers
  • Science impacts how we drive driving.   Use the road and wind as an opportunity to teach about friction, gravity, acceleration and momentum.
  • Spot license plates outside of the province and use that as a game to learn about all the different provinces and states
  • As you drive past rivers, mountains, lakes, forests, etc, chat about the different types of nature we live in
  • As you are driving through historical areas, discuss the significance of the location.   This is also a wonderful idea to break from driving and stop for an activity at a historical site.
Reading and Literacy:
  • Pick a topic and go through the alphabet to name items.  For example: We are going on a picnic, I am bringing an A for Apple, B for Blueberry….
  • Play ‘I Spy’.  Pick something that has a specific colour, shape or purpose and try to help your son or daughter guess the item through a series of questions.
  • Last but most important, unwind from electronics and do some family reading time away from the TV


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