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8 Ways To Encourage Students To Pursue STEM

It’s clear that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) is part of our children’s future. With the opportunities growing in this career sector, we want to help encourage more students to step into the tech-arena. We have eight suggestions to help:

  1. Create A Maker Space In Your Home. Use a variety of  tools and materials in a safe manner (e.g., batteries, wires, gears, wood, tools, paper etc) that challenge your child to create, experiment and make.

  2. Be A Role Model. Sign up for a coding class yourself! It will help you gain an understanding of an unknown field and make you more comfortable with supporting your child’s entry.

  3. Find A Role Model. Know a someone in a STEM-related job? Invite them over for coffee or dinner and let your child pick their brain about what they do!

  4. Swap The Extracurriculars. Look beyond the usual extra-curriculars and have your child join their school’s coding club.

  5. Educational Field Trips. Visiting museums, experiencing different climates and cultures all contribute to your child’s life education. Wherever you go, try to include a day trip for a STEM-related activity.

  6. Read Books. Go to the library to choose books about inventors. We enjoy the growing series from illustrator David Shannon that celebrates STEM and people who love to build and create with Rosie Revere, Engineer, and Ada Twist, Scientist.

  7. Play Games That Solve Problems. Be open to tech-games like Minecraft which encourage children to build and create. Bring home puzzles and games with strategy for Family Game Night.

  8. Teach Research Skills. Children have many questions. Show your child how to find the answer using age-appropriate technology. One great starting point is to demonstrate how to use Siri to find answers on YouTube and Google. As well, make a list of websites they can look through on your device that satisfies their curiosity (e.g., National Geographic for Kids)

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