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5 Tips To Foster Positive Relationships

As parents and educators we want to foster an environment of kindness and caring to help children feel safe to learn and play. We asked our team of teachers for their best tips on simple things we can do at home or school to promote positive relationships:

Share Personal Stories

Parents, family members, and teachers can share personal stories from their lives about courage, compassion, and friendship. Invite your kids or students to share their kindness stories with you.

Make a Kindness Contract

As an educational activity, adults can guide students in making a kindness contract. This works especially well in a classroom setting, although it also works at home with younger kids. Encourage students to come up with a roadmap of rules on how to treat others. They can sign the contract and hang it on display to be viewed daily as a constant reminder.

Read Books About Kindness

Books are a great tool to give children the words to go along with their emotions and situations. They can remind children that all people are important and that everyone’s voice is valuable. Start here with four books to battle bullying and then head to the library to find more books about kindness and caring.

Be Mindful of Jokes

Encourage positive language amongst peers. Sometimes kids don’t realize that their jokes and language can be hurtful to others, including their friends.

Create a Caring Book

Each day, have the class create a book about a different student. Each child will write and illustrate one page of the book, telling something they like about the student. This works especially well for younger students. The children can take home the book to share with their families and reread it after a difficult day to remember all the kind things their classmate’s think about them. You can even make this book at home but have each family member write something kind about each other.

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