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What’s Your Learning Style?

Every child has a different learning style in which she or he learns best.

While children use all senses when learning, most tend to learn best through one particular sense.  Knowing and understanding your child’s learning style helps her/him learn most effectively.

Below are some learning style descriptions and strategies you may find helpful.


Visual Learners

Visual learners learn best through seeing and visualizing information.


    • Take detailed notes with the main ideas highlighted
    • Practice visualizing information through pictures, graphs, charts and flashcards
    • Sit near the front of the classroom to avoid other visual distractions


Auditory Learners

Auditory learners learn best through listening, discussing and talk through ideas.  They interpret the underlying meanings of speech through listening to tone of voice, pitch and speed.


    • Review and learn materials through reciting them aloud
    • Study with a friend to discuss and hear the information
    • Consider using an audio recorder to tape and review notes before a test or exam
    • Take advantage of adaptive technology software to learn and review materials


Tactile Learners

Tactile learners learn best through doing and direct involvement.  They have strong motor memory and learn through movement and touch.


    • Provide opportunities for hands-on / active participation
    • Translate what they are learning into something that can be touched
    • Focus on one task over a short period of time
    • Avoid working in one constant area and allow ongoing movement
    • Take frequent short breaks when doing homework and studying

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