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Halloween Math Activities

Halloween Math Activities

Fall is in full swing and that means the time-honoured tradition of Halloween is approaching.   Whether is it trick or treating or getting dressed up, Halloween is a fun activities for any family.

It is also a wonderful opportunity to incorporate math learning opportunities.

Our team of elementary math tutors has put together this wonderful list of Halloween math games:

1) Candy Math Game: Place a small sticker at the bottom of the candy with a math question.  You can vary the questions depending on the age of the student.  Turn the candy over and if your child answers the question correctly, they get to keep the candy.

2) Use pieces of candy as math manipulatives can be a lot of fun. A complex concept  can be a lot easier from being able to hold number concepts in your hand.

3) Sorting and Counting: For younger kids, have them sort their candy and then use it as an opportunity to learn how to count.

4) Guessing Game: Each person guesses how much candy they have in their bag at the end of the night.  If you have enough people you can even graph it.

5) Pumpkin pie and fractions. Bake or purchase a pumpkin pie and slice it up to learn about fractions.


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5 Ways to Make Math Fun This Summer

Math Student

The summer break from is a wonderful time to have fun, play outdoors and take a break from school.   Unfortunately, students can fall into the ‘Summer Slide’ from not being active in learning and lose their Math knowledge from the prior school year.   Math doesn’t always have to be about worksheets and homework problems.    Summer can be a time to make learning fun for children.

Here are 5 great ideas to share:

1) Make Math an Outdoor Activity:  Why not enjoy the sun and learn as the same time.   There a ton of great games to play and learn outdoors for a variety of different age levels.    If your child loves colouring and art, don’t miss this list.

2) Use Real Life Examples:  Show your children how important addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is to every day life.   Next time you go grocery shopping, add up the items before the register.   If you are going to the bank, learn about financial literacy and count your savings or withdrawals.   Cooking or baking is a great time to learn about measurement.   Any driving trip can be a lesson in distance, time and counting.

3) Play Math Games: There are ton of great games to help prepare your son or daughter for the fall.  Below our some of our favourites:

  • Math Games / PBS Kids
  • What Coins Do I Have
  • Motion Math Games
  • Math Play – Online Games
  • Bounce Count
  • Number of the Week

To see our full list with descriptions, click here

4) Lego: Everyone loves playing with Lego, but there are great ways to use it for learning.  Lego teaches children fractions, arrays and mean, median and mode.   To see how Lego can be used with fractions, click on the video below:

5) Math Apps:  These are a great fun for children to learn in a fun and interactive way.  Below are some of our favourites for students of all ages:

  • Let’s Do Math
  • Math Drills
  • Motion Math Zoom
  • Elevated Math
  • Math Ref

To see our full list with descriptions and links, click here

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Summer Math Games

The summer is a great time for your children to spend with friends and family along with enjoying the fun Toronto activities.

However, with a two month break from school, students can often forget some of their math skills from the prior school year.  Below are some fun math games to play with your daughter or son over the summer to prepare them for the fall:


Math Games l PBS Kids:  The PBS network has a great list of close to 100 games that cover topics like: measurement, geometry, shapes, counting, patterns, graphs and fractions.


What Coins Do I Have:  This is a great game for students to begin to understand the variables for algebra.  Mention you have 3 coins in your pocket that are worth a certain value.  Ask your child what three coins you have.  For example: There are three coins in my hand that total 16 cents.  What 3 coins do I have?  (a dime, a nickel, a penny).


Motion Math Games:  Creator of fun math games that can be downloaded as apps to your tablet.   The games are designed for a variety of grade levels and students with different math skill levels.


Math Play – Online Games:  A ton of fun online math games designed for elementary and middle school grade levels.


Bounce Count:  This is a great game for younger elementary school students to play as a group.  Have children sit in a circle.   The first child bounces the ball to another child and counts how many bounces there were.  The second child bounces the ball back and either adds or subtracts to the initial count.   


Number of the Week:  This is a great game for elementary students to practice numeracy.  For each week of the summer pick a Number of the Week.  Make a set of questions on cue cards (example: divide by 2) and have your child answer the question with their number of the week.

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