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Springboard Clinic’s “TED-STYLE” Talk

Springboard Clinic

The Springboard Clinic hosted a jam-packed evening on February 5th. After opening remarks by Dr. Ainslie Gray, the event showcased 10 minute- “TED-style” talks, where the speakers shared stories of hope, debunked myths, and most uniquely, some innovative brain research that we found both empowering and helpful in understanding “why we all do what we do!” We have shared two of the talks which we think you will find uplifting and innovative!

Dr. Anne Bailey takes brain science and simplifies it in a way that is both inspiring and thought provoking:

Laura MacNiven explains ADHD, learning differences, with a focus on how to move forward and find hope and help:


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ADHD: We are starting to talk the same talk

We all know a lot more about ADHD now than we did when we opened Springboard Clinic 5 years ago. It is safe to say that we are on the right track of dispelling the harmful myths that have clouded successful treatment for decades.

The science is there to explain it through neuro-imaging, the case studies are there to demonstrate the pervasiveness of the diagnosis, and most importantly, the successful treatment data is there to help individuals thrive and move forward.

I am starting to hear comments like “you know ADHD isn’t just about not being able to focus, it’s about an inability to regulate focus” in water cooler and school yard conversations. We are all starting to get it. ADHD isn’t just about meeting DSM-criteria with certain symptoms of hyperactivity or inattention. It’s about having a neurotransmitter difference in your pre-frontal cortex and the more an individual understands their brain, the more they are able to use healthy coping mechanisms and maximize on their strengths/gifts.

As everyone knows, there is a huge push to reduce stigmatization of mental health. 15 years ago, If you were clinically depressed, you were likely to hear “what’s your problem, just get out of bed”. We all understand that better now, and I’m so grateful for websites like totallyadd.com and campaigns such as Bell: Let’s Talk (January 28).

ADHD is real. It’s not a choice. And it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A lot of times, it is just the opposite: an opportunity to do something impactful, outside of the box and big. With the right help, and the right lens, it’s all about moving forward.

Want to join this dialogue? Springboard clinic is hosting a TED-style talk on February 5th, come join a community that believes in evidenced based research, and matches it with a set of hopeful and innovative messages.

For more information, call Laura MacNiven or Dr. Ainslie Gray  at 416- 901-3077 or register online at http://www.springboardclinic.com/events.html

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A Conversation About ADHD – New Date

Due to the success of the October and November events, Springboard Clinic has scheduled another date for ‘An Evening Conversation about ADHD: FAQs and Discussion’.

Parents, adults, teachers, doctors, and anyone else interested in learning more about ADHD assessment and treatment are invited.

Members of Springboard Clinic’s team – Dr. Ainslie Gray MD, Dr. Diana Mandeleew CPsych, and Laura MacNiven MEd – will be there to answer your toughest questions.

Monday, January 27th at 7:00pm-8:30pm

** ‘An Evening Conversation about ADHD” specifically for teachers and educators will be held on

Monday, January 20th at 7:00pm-8:30pm

Find out more here.

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A Conversation about ADHD

A Springboard Clinic Workshop for Adults, Parents, Doctors and Teachers

It’s no wonder parents are confused and apprehensive about their child’s ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), with the media coverage…

“Students reaching for ADHD drugs to deal with academic stress.”  – The Globe and Mail

“ADHD on the rise: 1 in 5 high school-age boys diagnosed with hyperactivity” – Fox News

“A.D.H.D. Diagnoses Worry Doctors” – The New York Times


….And these are just from the last 6 months.


ADD/ADHD is one of the most researched psychiatric diagnoses in the world and yet it remains completely misunderstood by many doctors, teachers, and parents.

In an attempt to debunk some of the misinformation about ADHD, and to help the Toronto community see the potential of those with ADHD, Springboard Clinic is hosting two evening workshops titled, “An Evening Conversation about ADHD: FAQs and Discussion”.


Hosted by Springboard Clinic’s Dr. Ainslie Gray, Dr. Diana Mandeleew, and Laura MacNiven, the workshops are open to adults, parents, doctors, and teachers who wish to ask questions or join the dialogue about ADHD.

To learn more about the event click here

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