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Junior Students (Grades 4-6)

Junior Student Tutoring | Teachers on Call | Toronto Tutotrs

The junior years in a student's academic career are integral to building confidence, self-esteem and a love of learning.

  • Teachers on Call cares. They care about their clients and they care about their teachers. Not only do they work hard to find the right fit for each student they tutor, they also work hard to ensure that their teachers are working in environments where they are respected. As a parent you want the best for your child, and when it comes to their education you want to know that they will be supported, encouraged and that their love of learning is fostered. Who better to do that job than the tutors of Teachers on Call who have a passion for learning and are supported and encouraged to do their best by the company they work for!
    - Colleen McGoey, Client

Tutoring for Junior Students

Grades 4 - 6   •   Ages 9 - 11

In the Junior years subjects can become progressively more challenging in English, Math, Science and French. Students also begin receiving more homework and may require support with completion and organization.

Our team of tutors provide personalized tutoring based on the needs and level of your child. It's important that students do not full behind and are fully stimulated in order to reach their academic potential.

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Junior Student Tutoring | Teachers on Call | Toronto Tutors

Junior Student Success Story

Elementary School Success: Grade 5 Student Improves Grades & Confidence

Elementary School Success: Grade 5 Student Improves Grades & Confidence

With the help of his Teachers on Call tutor, this grade five students gained skills that allowed him to excel in French Immersion, Math, and English.

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