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10 Ways To Combat Kids Summer Boredom

School’s hardly out but you already may be hearing the whispers (or screams) of boredom from your child. We’ve got 10 ideas to help put an end to that conversation:

  1. Teach them bored’s homonym with 6 Board Games to Get Kids Excited About Math

  2. Silence the “Are we there yet’s” with 10 Games to Make Road Trips Fun and Educational

  3. Set up a learning schedule with these Simple Strategies to Prevent The Summer Slide

  4. Show your kids math is about more than worksheets with 5 Ways to Make Math Fun

  5. Take a summer family field trip in the city and visit one of these Toronto Educational Summer Field Trips

  6. Get them thinking about how to be kind by reading Four Books to Battle Bullying

  7. Give them some screen time in another language with French Apps-Recommendations From Our Tutors

  8. Toss around a ball and talk about What is STEM?

  9. Peak their curiosity by diving into your family traditions with three activities to help your child learn Holiday Time is History Time

  10. Give them the supplies and let them clean up their backpacks and school gear early with the video Back To School: A Clean Start

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