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Partnering with Schools for Student Success: Effective Parent Advocacy

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario, in partnership with the Integra Program of the Child Development Institute, is presenting an online workshop for parents and those who are helping parents navigate the school system. The course is called Partnering with Schools for Student Success, and promotes a collaborative approach to advocacy, based on knowledge and understanding on both sides.

The seven units explore perspectives of parents and schools, promote an understanding of the needs of students and of special education and behaviour management processes in schools, and teach strategies for successful negotiation. Scenarios will be used to help illustrate the ideas presented.

The online course is offered in two versions:

  • Professionals, and others who are working with parents, will do assignments at the end of each unit, and submit a final case study, in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.
  • Parents can choose to take the course for their own information, without submitting assignments, for a reduced fee.

All participants will have access to a discussion forum where they can ask questions and share ideas.  The course will be moderated by Kate Cressman, and Diane Wagner, Public Policy & Education Consultant at LDAO. Kate is a facilitator with the Community Education and Engagement program at Integra where she provides training for and promotes collaboration between schools, students, parents and other helping professionals around children’s mental health and learning.

The seven units will be made available one week at a time over seven weeks (taking a break for March Break), starting on February 23, 2015.

To register go to: www.ldao.ca/ldao-services/workshops-courses/partnering-with-schools-for-student-success-effective-parent-advocacy/

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ADHD: We are starting to talk the same talk

We all know a lot more about ADHD now than we did when we opened Springboard Clinic 5 years ago. It is safe to say that we are on the right track of dispelling the harmful myths that have clouded successful treatment for decades.

The science is there to explain it through neuro-imaging, the case studies are there to demonstrate the pervasiveness of the diagnosis, and most importantly, the successful treatment data is there to help individuals thrive and move forward.

I am starting to hear comments like “you know ADHD isn’t just about not being able to focus, it’s about an inability to regulate focus” in water cooler and school yard conversations. We are all starting to get it. ADHD isn’t just about meeting DSM-criteria with certain symptoms of hyperactivity or inattention. It’s about having a neurotransmitter difference in your pre-frontal cortex and the more an individual understands their brain, the more they are able to use healthy coping mechanisms and maximize on their strengths/gifts.

As everyone knows, there is a huge push to reduce stigmatization of mental health. 15 years ago, If you were clinically depressed, you were likely to hear “what’s your problem, just get out of bed”. We all understand that better now, and I’m so grateful for websites like totallyadd.com and campaigns such as Bell: Let’s Talk (January 28).

ADHD is real. It’s not a choice. And it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. A lot of times, it is just the opposite: an opportunity to do something impactful, outside of the box and big. With the right help, and the right lens, it’s all about moving forward.

Want to join this dialogue? Springboard clinic is hosting a TED-style talk on February 5th, come join a community that believes in evidenced based research, and matches it with a set of hopeful and innovative messages.

For more information, call Laura MacNiven or Dr. Ainslie Gray  at 416- 901-3077 or register online at http://www.springboardclinic.com/events.html

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