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5 End Of Year Questions for Teachers

With the warm weather finally here and summer vacation approaching, it means that the school year is close to finished.

Once the school year is complete, parents receive and review their child’s report card and along with it feedback from the school year.  However, for many families reviewing your son or daughters progress in the summer can leave you with unanswered questions and uncertainty on their preparation for the next grade level in the fall.

That is why parents should consider having a discussion with the teacher prior to the end of the school year.  We have put together these helpful questions as a starting point :

1) Overall, how was his or hers progress throughout the school year?

2) What areas went well and where is there opportunity to improve?

3) How was my child’s interaction with their classmates?

4) What are some recommendations for his or her teacher next year?

5) How can I continue to support my child’s learning over the summer?


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Healthy Snacking Ideas for Kids

In this week’s Teach Me Tuesday for Village Living Magazine we partnered with Nutritionist Miranda Malisani to provide healthy snack ideas for kids.  Miranda is the in-store nutritionist for Pusateri’s and a frequent guest on the Marilyn Denis Show and provided us the following helpful tips:

  • Give Good Energy: Support your child’s energy with nutrient dense energy filled snacks
  • Make One Day a “Surprise Day to Try New Food
  • Include Healthy Treats
  • Get Younger Kids Involved:   Have them come to the grocery store and support you with packing their lunch
  • Eat A Big Breakfast
  • Invest in Healthy Lunch Containers
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