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5 Study Tips for the Spring Stretch

After a cold and snowy winter, spring is finally upon us! With the end of the school year fast approaching, key assignments, final projects and exams are on the horizon.

With sunny days after school and extracurricular activities in the weekly calendar, it can often be challenging for students to stay focused towards the end of the school year. Fortunately, Teachers on Call has put together some spring study tips that students of all ages can use to help them succeed.

Here are the five most helpful study strategies that come highly recommended by our team:

Get Organized: This is an area where many students struggle.  Strong organization skills help students keep track of their extracurricular commitments, homework,upcoming assignments, and tests.    Although agendas are handed out by the schools in the fall, they are often abandoned by this time of year.  If your son or daughter can’t find their agenda, do not fret. Rather, encourage them to prepare timetables to get them through this final stretch.  This will help them budget their time for studying and to mark down key academic dates. Colour coding of dates and subjects is often a helpful study strategy, so time to dig out the highlighters.

Stay on Schedule:  Students learn best when they review their materials and homework consistently and over time.   We recommend that your son or daughter has a balanced schedule that takes into account their homework, activities, and free time.   If there is a larger assignment due, minimizing procrastination habits is important.  Have your learner plan ahead and work backwards from the due date, and divide up the larger task into smaller blocks by day or week.

Set up a Study Friendly Area: Each student learns differently and it is important to have a study space that works best for them.   From our experience, a clean, well lit space with school supplies close by works best.  Also, try and avoid distractions like cell phones and TV to allow your son or daughter to stay focused.

Make Time for Breaks: The spring can be a stressful time of year for students, especially at the high-school and post-secondary levels.  Study breaks are vital for mental well-being.  Encourage a walk in the park or viewing of a favourite TV show for a reward.  The important thing is after the break that the studying resumes.

Communicate with Teachers: As your daughter or son faces any challenges with their schoolwork or are seeking enrichment opportunities, discuss with the classroom teacher.  This will help to ensure your child has a successful school year, and is positioned to start the next academic year strong.  Some parents may opt to ask for recommendations to keep students engaged over the summer months.

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Making Math Fun for Your Child

Learning and developing Math skills is an important part of a child’s development and key to keeping future University or College opportunities available.  Yet many students find math challenging to learn and may frustrated as they work through their homework questions.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.  Math can be fun for your child and also for parents as they help provide support.   Here are some ideas to not only increase your child’s enthusiasm for math, but also build their skills for future success.

Make it Real Life:  When reviewing math questions, change up the words to make it fun.  For example, instead of using generic items like bricks, include fun items like cupcakes, baseballs, cars that your daughter or son will enjoy.

Include Math in Your Daily Activities:  Math occurs everywhere in our daily lives.  On the next road trip if your child asks when they’ll get there, mention the final time and ask how many minutes are left.  Or for high school students provide the kilometers and distances and ask how long it will be until the destination.   Another great opportunity is cooking.  Ask your child to measure all the different ingredients needed to bake a cake or create the meal.  Last, if your child loves sports use statistics like batting average, scores or goals.

Use Math Games:  There are tons of math games available for children of all ages.  With the increase in educational technology, there is no better spot to find fun and engaging math games than in apps for your computer or tablet.  Fortunately, we have a great list of helpful math apps to learn numeracy, arithmetic, geometry and algebra.   To see our list click here.

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10 Fun Activities for Children with Autism

October is Canadian Autism Awareness Month.  Around the Canada different organizations mark this occasion through fundraising, activities and increasing awareness with the public.   We are sharing an Education.com list with 10 fun activities for Children with Autism.  The craft activities below are an wonderful opportunity to stimulate Autistic children’s attention with colours, shapes and sensory experiences.

To read the full article click here

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Integra Foundation – Spring 2014 Workshops

We are excited to partner with the Integra Foundation to post their Spring Workshop schedule.  The Integra Foundation is dedicated to helping children and adolescents who experience social, emotional and behavioural problems related to their learning disabilities.

We would encourage parents / caregivers of LD children along with teachers, counsellors and community members to attend any of the following workshops at the North Toronto Community Centre from 7:00 to 8:30PM.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes - Thursday April 24, 2014
This is an experiential workshop that is designed to give participants an understanding of what it
may feel like to have a Learning Disability (LD) through engaging in a series of activities.
Through these exercises, participants will gain knowledge about current thinking in the field of
LDs and a practical understanding of how they may affect mental health and everyday life at
home and at school.

Understanding Anxiety & Learning Disabilities - Thursday May 1, 2014
In this introductory workshop, participants will gain an understanding of anxiety, when to be
concerned, approaches to treatment, and the relationship between anxiety and Learning
Disabilities (LDs).

An Introduction to Executive Functioning & Learning Disabilities – Thursday May 8, 2014
This presentation provides participants with an understanding of the nature of executive functioning
(higher order thinking skills including organization and problem solving) and difficulties children with
learning disabilities may have in regulating themselves. Suggestions on how to support kids with
executive function difficulties will be introduced.

Tips for Supporting Kids with Executive Functioning & LDs: Advanced  - Thursday May 22, 2014
This presentation will build on the information covered in the Introduction to Executive Functioning
& Learning Disabilities workshop by exploring tips to help support kids with executive functioning
difficulties at home or school. It is strongly recommended that participants have attended the
Introduction to Executive Functioning & Learning Disabilities workshop prior to attending this one.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes for Siblings (for children & youth ages 10 – 18 years) - Thursday June 5, 2014
This is an adaptation of Walk a Mile in My Shoes, the experiential workshop on LDs designed to
increase knowledge and understanding about how it may feel to have LDs. This version is
designed for siblings of children with LDs, or other children and youth who could benefit from
understanding more about LDs. Participants should come with an adult (there is no charge for the
accompanying adult).

Managing Change & Times of Transition with Children/Youth with LD - Thursday, June 12, 2014
This workshop looks at possible stressors related to change and transitions for kids with LDs. As
the school year comes to a close and plans for summer and upcoming changes in classrooms,
teachers or schools in the fall are made, we will explore different strategies to help ease tensions
and prepare individuals and systems to respond and to accommodate to change for successful

To register for any of these sessions, please call Integra at 416-486-8055 or click here to register online

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