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Toronto Mom Resources We Love

Being a Mom is one of the most rewarding and toughest jobs there is.  A typical list includes supporting children with school, homework activities, sports and a list of numerous other parenting items.  And that does not even include often working a full time job.

The good news is there is a ton of great resources available with advice to help support Moms.  We put together this helpful list of some of our favourite Toronto Mom Resources and Blogs to access advice in a positive and fun way.


Help We’ve Got Kids:   This is an excellent online directory to help parents and caregivers find everything from birthday party Ideas, to afterschool activities to lists of Toronto day and overnight camps.   Along with Executive Publisher, Tracie Wagman, their articles are written by Toronto’s experts about the latest topics of importance to parents.


Yummy Mummy Club: Created and published by Erica Ehm, this award winning website and blog has articles written by moms for moms on family, style, health, food, culture, home and life.  Erica and her team add humour and personal insights to some of parent’s greatest challenges!


Today’s Parent:  For 30 years, Today’s Parent had been a leading Toronto and Canadian magazine and online resource for parents.   Their trusted and insightful articles on health, education, behavior are written specifically for children by age group in a fun and engaging manner.  Plus they share easy, delicious and nutritious recipes for any family.


The Kid Scoop:   With a local feel across major Canada cities, The Kid Scoop has an excellent directory of activities along with local contests and fun family events throughout the year.    Also check out their Scoop Cafe blog with great articles and insight from local parenting experts.



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Homework Help: 5 Tips For Parents

With the school year now in full swing, students are beginning to learn new skills and concepts in Math, English, Science and French.  In order to reinforce and solidify the new information learned, teachers often assign homework to supplement students’ learning.

Below are 5 great tips for parents to help your child with their homework throughout the school year:

1)      Schedule a Consistent Time

  • Set a consistent schedule that allows a balance of homework, activities and free time
  • Establish a time that works best for your child whether it is directly after school or closer to dinner time
  • Encourage your son or daughter to take breaks if there is a larger amount of work than usual


2)      Set up a Homework Friendly Area

  • Organize a clean, well lit space to work keeping in mind that each student works differently
  • Keep any school supplies they use close by
  • Try to avoid distractions (cell phone, TV) to allow them to focus on their work


3)      Support Your Child to work Independently

  • Find the right balance of supporting your child with their work. Doing the work for them won’t allow your child to develop new skills and learn from their mistakes
  • Provide coaching and direction to ensure they understand and learn the concepts


4)      Encourage Organization Skills

  • Use the school agenda where they can write down their homework assignments and add important dates (ie. projects, tests, exams).
  • Review your child’s agenda and compare it to the homework they have completed


5)      Communicate with the Teacher

  • Discuss any homework concerns or challenges they are facing.  If they are having consistent difficulties and unable to do the work on their own, we would recommend contacting the teacher to discuss further.

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Math Tips from Our Tutors

With the back to school season in full swing, many students are beginning to receive homework and learn new skills.  When parents call for tutoring, one of the most common questions we hear is: How can I help my daughter or son with math?

With that in mind, below are some great Math tips from our tutors designed for students of all ages:

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Homework can be an opportunity for students to reinforce the concepts they learned in class.   Schedule a regular time and location so your child develops a routine they are comfortable with.
  • There are tons of excellent Math apps and games online to supplement learning in the classroom and help students of all ages learn different types of concepts

Connect Math with the Real World:   

  • Any opportunity parents have to emphasize math in the real world helps make the concepts more relevant
  • For younger children: consider measuring ingredients, counting the time and tracking scores of favourite sports teams.
  • For more older students: use algebra to figure out travel time, geometry for building projects and exponents for financial literacy.

Collaborate to Solve Math Problems Together

  • There are often times multiple ways to solve a math problem.   Be creative with your child to identify the different strategies they could use rather than focusing on the answer or a specific process.
  • Encourage your child to ask questions to you and their teacher.  Asking questions is an important part of the learning process and helps students build confidence.
  • As your child makes an error on a test or homework assignment – use that as a learning opportunity.  Work together to learn the logic behind the mistake and how the math problem can be done correctly in the future.

Ensure Students Have a Strong Base

  • For younger students, use math apps and flash cards to practice areas like multiplication tables
  • As students move into more senior grades, having a strong knowledge of prior math concepts like algebra becomes increasingly important  
  • As you are working with your child, challenge them to ensure they do not only focus on the answer, but what the answer means and the process they went through to calculate it. 


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